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Maui Airport
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Maui Airport
Maui Airport
Maui Airport ogg

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Maui Airport also known as Kahului Airport is the biggest and only international airport of the three other airports on Maui Island. Maui Airport is a regional airport of Hawaii and is located three miles east of the town of Kahului and occupies 1391 acres of land.
Maui Airport
Maui Airport
The history of Maui Airport dates back to 1927 when the Territorial Legislature allocated $15,000 to acquire land for the purchase of an airport site on Maui. The site picked was at Maalaea and the property was acquired from a Hawaiian sugar company.

In 1947 the HAC planned to move all operations from Puunene airport to Maui Airport since it was considered more reliable when it came to undertaking commercial airline operations. After serious negotiations and major improvements on Maui Airport, full commercial airline operations started in June 1952.

Maui Airport has grown from humble beginnings to become the second busiest airport in the Hawaiian state. This is especially so during the summer when tourists come to experience the scenery and beautiful weather of Hawaii.

Kahului Airport airport is equipped with the newest terminal facilities and has two intersecting runways. Access to the passenger terminals, cargo, commuter/air taxi, scenic tour operators and general aviation airport facilities is made convenient via a road network connecting to the Hana Highways. Maui Airport is served by many major and minor airlines and serves an average of 7000 passengers per day.

Maui Airport is the second busiest airport in Havaii with nearly 7 million passengers.

Maui Airport opened in 1927 and is located 5 km from downtown.

There are many facilities offered at Maui Airport such as airline lounges, ATM and Banking services, medical services, Wi-Fi access, curbside check-in, food and beverage concessions, shops and a newsstand.

There are various options to get you from the airport to your destination. Stepping out of the airport, a car rental area is conveniently located on the right. The bus shuttle is also a cheap alternative to renting and it offers transportation to and from the airport to all the main resorts. Taxi services are also available at affordable prices, depending on the distance and season.


Maui Airport has two Terminals (the main international terminal, and the smaller commuter terminal)


Visitors to Maui Airport OGG will either use the main terminal that is largely dedicated to overseas and international flights, or the smaller commuter terminal for flights between the islands of Hawaii. Both terminals have several services and amenities that passengers might expect:

  • Information kiosks for visitors
  • ATMs and other banking options
  • Dedicated smoking areas
  • Luggage storage facilities including lockers
  • Lost and found luggage office
  • Free Wi-Fi throughout the airport
  • Carts to carry your luggage
  • Business centers including rooms for conferences
  • First aid and other essential medical services
  • Several rental car options
  • Variety of food and drink choices
  • Shopping options including duty free


Once passengers have landed in Maui there are many options for transportation from the airport to wherever it is on the island that they are staying, and each one has their own perks and drawbacks. The ideal choice for individual tourists will depend on a wide number of factors, including their budget, their desire for independence, and other factors.

Below are the several main options that people use for getting to and from Maui Airport, with details on the time, cost and other considerations involved with each choice.

Bus: From Maui Airport there are several bus options to Kahului Town and Port.
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Taxi: Get to Kahului Town in several minutes by taxi.
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Car Rental: Renting a car in Maui Airport OGG is a good idea to move around.
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Address: 1 Kahului Airport Road Kahului, Hawaii
Phone: 001 (808) 872-3830

Future Plans

Maui airport is able to process such a large volume of passengers and to do so offering modern amenities and services, there are plans underway to improve and expand the facility. A “master plan” has been crafted that will see the airport dramatically increase in size in order to handle more traffic, with a current target date for completion in 2035.

Quick Facts About Maui Airport

Here are some of the more interesting statistics about Maui Airport:

  • Airlines operating at Maui Airport: 11 (some with only seasonal service)
  • International Air Transport Association code: OGG
  • International Civil Aviation Organization code: PHOG
  • Elevation: About 54 feet (or roughly 16 meters)
  • Ofiicial Website:

Maui Airport

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