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Maui Island is the second largest of the Hawaiian Islands. The name ‘Maui’ is derived from the myth of a demigod who drew the island of Hawaii from the ocean. Legend has it that Maui, after capturing the sun, secured the promise that the island will be used for enjoyment by both the islanders and visitors as well. Maui Island has plenty to offer thanks to its landscape, climate and diverse culture. The island has something for everyone and it’s no wonder that it was voted the ‘best Hawaiian island’.

Once you visit the island you will have to discover your own reason for loving it. The Lahaina seaside street is one of the main attractions on the island. The street contains a myriad of restaurants and shops leading to a wharf where someone can choose to either set off on a whale catching expedition or just lay back and enjoy a sunset cruise. The beaches in this area also make for fine snorkelling locations.

The next attraction on this beautiful island is the Haleakala National Park. The park offers great hiking and camping opportunities. It hosts the Haleakala Mountain which has a dormant volcano. There are multiple cabins for hikers seeking to see the spectacular crater. The unique volcanic features of the park have made it quite famous all over the world.

The warm waters Maui make it a special place to be and that is why many humpback whales migrate to these waters year after year. This migration also enables whale lovers to go on many a fun whale watching cruise.

The Hana Highway is also another gem of this beautiful island. The highway passes through many scenic features thus perfectly displaying the various waterfalls, black sand beaches, soaring sea cliffs and some of the mountains found on the island. This is one island which has been endowed with great panorama and thanks to the highway you can be able to view the lot of them.

Maui Airport

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