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After you decide that you want to take a fabulous vacation over in Maui, you may instantly have a slight fear of how you are going to get around the island after you arrive. While the entire transportation fear is valid, you may be even more fearful of how you will simply get from the Kahului Airport to your hotel after a long day of travel.

Thankfully, you can rely on the Maui Kahului Airport Bus to get you to your hotel safely. Plus, your entire journey, from the time you get off the plane, grab your luggage, board the bus, and arrive at your hotel is going to be easier than you possibly could imagine.

The Maui Kahului Airport Bus Routes

The Maui Bus is operated by Roberts Hawaii and there are thirteen different routes that these buses service seven days a week. The two routes you will want to be familiar with when you land in Maui are the Upcountry and Haiku Islander routes. These are the only two routes that stop at the Kahului Airport and one of them should get you to where you need to go.

The Upcountry Islander bus goes from Kahului to Pukalani to Makawao and finally Haliimaile. The Haiku Islander route goes from Kahului to Paia and eventually Haiku.

Where to Catch the Maui Kahului Airport Bus

All the Maui Bus stops can be found outside the main terminal of the airport. There are a few different ones and they will all face the terminal you will have just exited.

Maui Kahului Airport Bus Schedule

The current schedule has the Maui Kahului Airport Bus running seven days a week for your convenience. The current schedule for each route is listed below:

The Upcountry Islander, or Route 40, runs every ninety minutes from six in the morning until right after ten o’clock in the evening.
The Haiku Islander, or Route 35, also runs every ninety minutes. However, that run begins at half past five in the morning and only goes until right past half past nine in the evening.

Where to Purchase Your Maui Kahului Airport Bus Ticket

It is easy to purchase your Maui Kahului Airport Bus ticket. All you need to do is board the bus and purchase the ticket from the driver.

Maui Bus Fares

As with everything else, the Maui Bus fares can change at any time. However, these are the rates as of this publishing:

  • One Way General Fare for All Routes – $2.00
  • Senior Fare for Fixed Routes – $1.00
  • Daily Pass – $4.00

Baggage Rules for the Maui Kahului Airport Bus

You are allowed to have one medium suitcase with you when you board the Maui Kahului Airport Bus. The suitcase should not be any larger than 22” high, 14” wide, and 9” long. You must place your suitcase underneath your seat or on your lap for the duration of your bus ride. If you are carrying a duffle bag, or other type of carry-on bag, it also must not be larger than these dimensions. At no time are you allowed to have your baggage out in the aisle or in the way of another passenger.

Bus Rules for the Maui Kahului Airport Bus

There are a few rules that must be followed when riding the Maui Kahului Airport Bus. Most of them are things that most people do anyway, but they will be strictly enforced for those that don’t.

First, you must arrive at the bus stop at least five minutes before the bus is ready to depart. This will ensure the bus can stay on schedule throughout the day. You should also be waiting on the same side of the street, where the bus will be stopping, and obviously wait for it to stop before you approach it to board.

When it is your turn to board the bus, you should have your fare out and ready to give to the driver. This keeps the line moving, so the bus can get you to where you are going quickly.

Senior citizens should be given the front few seats, so if you are younger, please move to the back. You must also choose a seat and stay there, because no seat changes are allowed once the bus begins moving again.

Everyone must wear shirts and shoes on the Maui Kahului Airport Bus, as well as all the other buses on the island.

If you happen to take this bus at any other time during your trip, you may find that you will need to stand for part of the ride. If this occurs, you must hold onto the seat bars or standee handlebars until a seat becomes available. This is usually not an option from the airport, because you cannot have your luggage out in the aisle.

As you can see, it is very easy to navigate the Maui Kahului Airport Bus when you arrive in Maui. Once you get to your hotel you should feel comfortable enough to decide that you will use this mode of transportation for the rest of your time on this island, as well as for the trip back to the airport when it is time for you to go home.

Maui Airport

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