Maui Airport Taxi

The most ideal, convenient, and reliable way to commute to and from the airport to hotels and other like destinations is by using a Maui Airport taxi. You will find that Maui Airport taxi services are always available here once you arrive for your long-planned Hawaiian dream vacation. The services are availed at the taxi ranks adjacent to the terminals.

The comfortable and relaxing taxis will make your Hawaiian vacation a memorable experience. They are also highly dependable and affordable. The price of the taxis ranges depending on the season and distance. Maui Airport taxi drivers are courteous and skilled in manoeuvring their vehicles thus ensuring that your travel is safe.

Online booking services are also available for those wishing to use Maui Airport taxi services. Also available online are the rates for travelling to the various resorts and hotels from the airport.

For those interested in using this service, after they have landed and collected their bags they should follow the signs for taxis and wait for the next available driver to take them to their destination.

Taxis are based on a meter system, meaning that the further they travel, the higher the fare will be. Fares do not include tips but given that Hawaii is part of the United States where tipping is considered customary, passengers should consider tipping their drivers a few dollars.

Specific rates will depend on precisely where visitors need to go, ranging from roughly $10 to $15 for a taxi to Kahului Town and up to more than $100 for a taxi to Kapalua. For planning costs in advance, the rate that taxis charge is generally $3 for every mile traveled.

The benefit of a taxi over public transportation or shuttle buses is that it is a dedicated car solely for a particular group of travelers, so there’s no waiting for other people to get on board. It also means that the journey will take passengers from the airport to their exact destination.

The downside is that for very long journeys, taking a taxi can be a very expensive idea. And luggage space is limited to the taxi’s trunk, so for groups with many bags it might require taking two taxis in order to handle all the suitcases, which can again drive up costs.

Maui Airport

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