Kahului Airport Facilities

Kahului Airport is the gateway to the beautiful and exotic Maui Island, the second largest of the Hawaiian Islands. Although the airport was originally designed for inter-island travel, the flood of tourists coming to experience the beautiful weather and scenery resulted in the creation of the state of the art facilities coupled with a flurry of modernization measures.


There are ATM services available to ensure that you stay liquid after your arrival. For those tourists seeking to exchange currency, bureau de change services are readily available.

Shops and Duty free shops

Maui Island is full of beautiful marbles and jewellery which can be bought at affordable prices from various shops in the airport. Duty free shops are also available where you can be able to make purchases for those items you forgot to bring with you for the vacation. For those people wishing to carry a souvenir home after the vacation, there are various shops where they can buy assorted Hawaiian items.

Cafes and Restaurants

If you are looking to enjoy the various Hawaiian dishes and delicacies, there are several cafes and restaurants all over the airport. They also serve as a wonderful place to socialize while waiting to be picked up.

Disabled People

The skycap (porter) service was designed to enable the airline to provide assistance to passengers with special needs. There is also a parking area reserved for passengers with disabilities. For the mobility-impaired, the available restrooms feature side grab bars and wide stalls. Public phones which can be accessed by wheelchair are also available.


There is a fire fighting unit 24 hours a day, and an emergency first responder medical response service available from the Airport Aircraft Rescue.


There are plenty of parking space areas across the terminal which offer both long term and short term parking rates. The parking tickets are issued by automatic parking dispensers.  Parking destination row letters are also made available to help people locate their cars.  

Maui Airport

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